Virtual Assistant Websites: Functions and Types

vasumo can answer users’ questions. They have an automatic learning system that allows them to feed on information. In 9 out of 10 cases are effective, making our day a lot easier. Among the most popular virtual assistant websites , we highlight:

1.- Siri – Apple’s assistant

is the best known of all, beyond her feminine voice and her ingenious responses. He is currently the most reliable virtual assistant on the market. You can perform tasks such as: calling a contact, listening to music you want to hear at a specific time, launching apps, providing weather forecasts, and even telling jokes.

2.- There is also Cortana

the Windows assistant, known for his great personality. Learn about the activity of those who use the device and come to record their findings in a list called “notebook”. In this way, you can offer a more personalized experience. Despite this, its functions are not as extensive as those of the Apple Virtual assistant Websites.

Do you know the differences between Android and iOS? Here we remind you.

3.- From Google Now

we can start by saying that, compared to Cortana and Siri, he has much less personality. It is distinguished by its functions, almost endless. You can also allow the wizard to integrate searches you have already done in Google and, because of the large amount of information you receive, you can get many results. Finally, it should be noted that you can recognize up to six different voices, responding individually to each of them.

4.- Alexa

can only be found on the Amazon Echo device, Amazon’s smart speaker. This becomes a disadvantage because the information we will provide will not be visual, but auditory. However, Alexa has a series of features that have conquered thousands of users. We can ask you any question and you will return a complex answer. The system allows us to add a series of applications that expand Alexa’s communication skills and her ability to integrate.

Which is better?

On this question, there is no clear answer. Because of the characteristics of each of these virtual assistants, we could say that:

Cortana is ideal in a work environment.

Siri offers a huge integration into iPhone, taking full advantage of all the possibilities of the phone.

The Google Assistant responds to searches in an unbeatable way.

Conversations with Alexa can be complex and extensive, but they are only available through a physical device.

Gradually, virtual assistants are integrated into our daily lives. At the moment, their functions are basic and limited, but their evolution is constant .

Best Assistant Android Apps:

Alexa, Cortana has educated people about the amazing application of AI and machine learning. A virtual assistant can make your life a lot simpler and more productive.


5 best Android apps of assistant (2018)

So, here we have compiled the list of 5 best assistant Android apps that can make your life simpler and better.

1.Google Assistant

Google Assistant



Google Assistant

Developer: Google LLC

Price: Free

There is no doubt that Google Assistant is the best assistant Android apps. The wizard is available for almost all Android phones running Android version Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo. However, before using it, you must ensure that the “Google Play Services and Google App are updated on your device.

2.Lyra Virtual Assistnat

Lyra Virtual Assistant is one of the best and easiest personal assistant Android apps. He can do a lot of basic things. Some of the features include looking for YouTube videos, telling jokes, finding directions, managing a journal, setting alarms and other things. He uses the material design. That means it looks good. He obviously can not compete with big dogs. However, it is a good alternative for those who do not want all these extra features. This one is completely free, without integrated purchases or announcements as far as we could find it.

3.HOUND Voice Search & virtual Assistant websites

The HOUND is also one of the best Android assistant apps for finding information on the web using a voice command. With the help of this app you can also plan, list upcoming meetings / events, look for reminders and alarms about restaurants, bars and shops.

4.AIVC (Alice)

AIVC is an Android personal assistant apps available for free on Android Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, Lollipop, ICE OS. It uses the voice recognition feature of your Android phone to work as a personal assistant. This app can find locations. He can find the age of celebrity and popular places near you. AIVC can open any application or utility installed on your Android device using your voice command. It can translate English text into German / French / Japanese.


Robin is an excellent virtual assistant app for Android that is designed as a Siri challenger. It can provide you with valuable assistance while driving on the road by providing you with appropriate local information, GPS navigation, the right direction, traffic information, and more. In addition, it is fun to use and you can even adjust it with the name you prefer.

Robin continues to learn and adapt to you. You can request news, weather reports, set reminders and alarms, make calls, send SMS, etc. and all this can be done hands-free. By simply pressing the microphone button, Robin will be ready to help you. You can also initialize it by saying “Robin” or by waving twice in front of the top edge of your phone on the proximity sensor.

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